Emotional Response

That’s the good stuff. That’s the gold we’re digging away to get at.

Yes, we need to work to make experiences “valuable, engaging and fully immersive” for every “user”… but what we’re actually saying is we need to design things that make people react in some way.

A reaction from someone is because we’ve stirred up one or more emotions, and that makes people remember us.

About me

I don’t really like leading with titles. I get excited by ideas and possibilities. I enjoy working with clever people – either to come up with new ideas, or who are able to make an idea into something tangible.

If I had to give myself a title, I suppose an experience designer is as close as it gets.

This site is for me to share stuff that interests me. It’s about user and customer experience, product design, some tech, marketing… anything really that sits under the umbrella of how we can design for people.